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By | January 21, 2020

The founder and first Tirthankara of Jainism was Rishabhdev and the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism was Parshvanath

who was the son of Ikshvaku dynasty king Ashwaseen of Kashi. The education imparted by him was major violence, not speaking the truth, stealing and not possessing property.

Mahavira Swami was the 24th and last pilgrimage of Jainism and Mahavir was born in Kund village (Vaishali) in 540 BCE and his father Siddhartha was the chieftain of the ‘known family’ and mother Trishala was the sister of the Lichchavi king Chetak.

Mahavir’s wife’s name was Yashoda and daughter’s name was Anojja Priyadarshini.

The name of Mahavir’s childhood was Vadhman, after his parents’ death at the age of 30, he accepted sanyas life with permission from his elder brother Nandi Vardhan.

After 12 years of hard penance,

Mahavira realized full knowledge while doing penance under Sal tree on the banks of river Rijupalika near Jrimbhik.

From this time on, Mahavira was called Swami Jin (conqueror), Ahrat (revered), and Nigrantha (bondless).

Mahavira gave his sermon in Prakrit language, followers of Mahavir Swami were called Mulagrantha.

His first followers became his son-in-law Jamil. Prithm was Champa, the daughter of Jain monk Dadhivahana.

Mahavir Swami divided his disciples into 11 republics. Swami Mahavira’s nun was the chief Chandana of the union.

The Triratna of Jainism is: – Samyak philosophy, pro-knowledge and pro-conduct.

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