Central Board of Secondary Education started counseling, students and their parents can take information, see how

By | February 3, 2020

Counseling has started for the Central Board of Secondary Education,

in which the students who are going to take the board examination are free of charge and the students and their parents can participate in it,

in which psychologically accurate all the questions Answers will be available and these facilities are absolutely free from Central Board of Secondary Education.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has started this facility from today, which will run till March 30, within which audio telecasts and video live telecasts will be played,

in which the children and their parents will get a satisfactory answer to any question and the child is completely satisfied.

It is said by those psychologists.

This facility will run from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm till 31st March and inside it, children will be informed that by putting children under pressure to study only and only,

let the children participate in some sports too,

Children will develop interest in their studies and their mental balance and physical balance will remain,

this will not put any pressure on them and they will study with an open mind and with good numbers It is said by those who will pass.

The toll-free number 1800118004 is free for the students of the board by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Know that the student is not disturbed by his previous result and should not worry about the result in any way,

read that quiet atmosphere and seclusion center, and at the time of examination, children should put more pressure on themselves and eat a post balanced diet so that the children remain healthy and healthy.

Which will make his mind go faster and he will not have any chance of failing in the exam and he will fully concentrate for his exam. Will pay close attention and pass with good numbers.

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