Know what is very sad for people who play PUBG

By | January 30, 2020

The Supreme Court and the High Court have issued orders

that the public fan can get a shock at any time because it can be banned at any time,

it is a very sad incident for the people who play the public game.

Because people who play PUBG games

if they have been playing continuously for 6 months or 10,12 months do not see anything else

because they are so addicted to this game that it

means to say He has got so much interest or habit that he does not allow him to do any other work,

took a mobile for the whole day,

but he does not see any other work except on his laptop,


when the householders say that they have food and study,

they feel very bad. In this way, this content game will ruin the young people of the entire world,

not of our state, due to which many people have given its applications inside

the High Court or the Supreme Court. But the decision of the court has not come yet,

this way it is a more dangerous game than the Blue Whale game

because its addiction is such that once someone takes the game,

they do not feel that we leave this game

and its Addiction has become even more severe than alcohol,

which is not preventable because nowadays children get a big phone Android phone as soon as 10th 12th and they think that our child is studying.

Dont Pbji game can not say anything that tends to become so in the children that some people do not even understand people so mad at these examples.

I want to tell the people who are playing Pabji that Pabji can be banned at any time and the day the ban is banned,

the children will not be able to sleep and their mental balance will get disturbed and they can also go mad.

Children are away from this and share this post as much as possible

because you can save the lives of any children from a lion and the High Court asked us to know about it.

Kari is still not the reason may never banned it.

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