One can withdraw money from the account of OTP without careful attention

By | January 28, 2020

Money is being withdrawn from people’s accounts without an OTP,

the big reason for this is that earlier people used to call and worship your ATM number and Aadhaar card number and later an OTP will come,

but now they have a They have found a new way through which they are cheating people or withdrawing money from their account.

After downloading the Android mobile,

download an application inside that mobile and later that mobile is hacked and then after that the mobile

becomes automatic and all the money is withdrawn from their account and later when it When people go to the police station with their complaints,

then the policemen say that such complaints come to us, you cannot manage your account on your own,

then for what use?

Do not be a garoke and thus do not let anyone in mobile nor do app download without any waste.


In order to carry out this work, people run you Facebook account,

Instagram account and any other type of group,

then if any unknown person asks you for information about your Aadhar card or if you ask for OTP,

then the police with immediate effect Please inform and get

that information and put that person inside the jail because today this cheating is happening to you,

it will be with some of your brother tomorrow.

To give you an idea of ​​the way so all that we can do whatever fellow guard them.

Nowadays these cases of cheating have become very high,

that is why if you get a call with whom you ask for the Aadhar card number and OTP ATM card number,

then immediately cut the call and inside your nearest police station Register a complaint so that these people can be caught.

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