Why Reality 2 Pro Mobile has come faster than every mobile phone, as well as its quality is also going to be known.

Why Reality 2 Pro Mobile has come faster than every mobile phone? Real Me 2 Mobile Pro has also come with its calculator; Reality 2 Pro Mobile has very good features, which are also very good in appearance.

And it is also very easy to run, its RAM internal memory is also very much, which is much more than a normal phone and its size has been read 15 point 6 centimeters. Similarly, many mobiles keep coming in India but The most popular mobile in the fastest, currently the real M2 Pro mobile in Rail M2 Pro is very good and it also offers new, some special type of pictures. Are. A. Is it a very useful mobile than a normal mobile and currently it is becoming very popular. Real m 2 mobile is given only mi miles. Feature is there are three types of lock system in this Real Me 2 Pro Mobile. It has been given three types of features in screen lock, one screen password lock, second screen face lock and third screen lock.

1: = Screen Password Lock: – In Screen Password Lock, we can often put some diet, due to which no one other than us can open the lock of our phone, it takes a four-letter diet code that only we know It happens

2: = Screen Password Face Lock: – Screen Password Face Lock also appears in this phone that it is our face skin in the face lock, only then the screen lock of our mobile opens when the mobile will be in front of our face, then only the mobile lock Must have felt Otherwise it will not open. We have many advantages that no other killed mobile can be checked.

3: = Screen Password Finger Lock: – Screen password lock lock is also very comfortable in which it is super comfortable in which the button of one finger of our one hand has to be placed backwards due to which the screen lock opens, this people a little bit Is different. It is no better than the last two screen locks because we are sleeping somewhere and somehow touch our friends, then those people will open while in Fesam till we Ri eyes are Fingrँ open then people will not open the lock best screen face lock screen password film Lock and mobile REM Rome has given much.
Reality Pro 2 Mobile. Ram 8 Gb realme 2 pro 8gb ram in mobile phone, we get train up to 8gb in this mobile phone ram means random accessory memory, it has the ability to download android app in our phone, due to which this phone hangs It is absolutely less because its RAM is given up to 8GB is many times more than a normal mobile.

Reality Pro 2 Mobile. Rom 128 Gb Rilme 2 Pro Mobile has 128 GB of internal memory, in ISCI we can store many types of media photos videos up to 128 GB in our phone, this is also many times more than a normal phone.
This is the quality of mobile phones. 15990 ₹

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