What is a free fire game and why did it happen so well known why people play so much more than that ???????

What is a free fire game and why did it happen so well known why people play so much more than that
What is a free fire game and why did it happen so well known why people play so much more than that.

Friends, today we will tell you why the free fire game was so famous, so there are many games in the world which are big, that is, somewhere in gb, there are many games which are 100 GB, 200 GB etc. and there are many which are less GB Or MB games which are more GBK, they are of laptop computer and other devices but there are many games which are more GB or MB than mobile which can be played by playing in light mobile either mobile. There is a hang or if there is a problem in the mobile, then you will know that when we play a game, if that game is hanging in between and due to that we get some loss, then we have a lot Anger even comes to our mind that we should break this phone now or else you hit that phone or hit the wall but friends, if you believe in reality then if your phone is hanging So do not play that game because if you play and hang then you will feel bad and you can do anything in anger, that is why your phone is hanging, then do not play the phone, friends, now we tell you free fire game Why became so famous about.

Friends, we will tell you why the free fire game became so famous and how to play it, friends, you must have heard the name of the game Pagji, the copyright of that game is free, but that game has increased a bit, ie it is 1 point 8 GB Is and this free fire game is 400 MB, so friends play free fire, although many copyright games of pub live have come, but free fire people liked it so take it all The same game we play is similar to free fire in the game and when we see a man in the game and we shoot him, our bullet marks remain white while in the free fire game when we see a man When we shoot, when that target goes over the person, then that bullet will turn red from white, so that we can know that the target of our bullet is right but this update is PUBG GAME I haven’t given friends, that’s why people do not play constipation due to this update, and somewhere people do not play due to increased power, many people have kept their phones, so they play free fire, the phone whose RAM is 3GB or 3GB If you are above, then only the game can be played and the free fire game can be played in 1GB of RAM, that’s why more people play the free fire one, what do you have to do in the free fire game? That we 50 or 60 people are dropped from the aeroplane at a place in which we can land wherever we want, then a parachute is also given to get into it, after that when we come down we have nothing. There are houses where we go to those houses, we get guns, creatures and other types of materials, including hat courts, etc. Then we are also given a map on that side. If we look at it, then we come in a safe zone, inside which we have to live, if we go out of it, then we die and we have to start that game again. We have to stay inside the zone and the safe zone is gradually smaller and when we have to shoot a DK, if we do not shoot it, then we can also shoot it, doing so in 50,000 people. Arjuna would be less than we were able to escape, we settle down very little and after all I am a winner, that is, he survives by killing everyone. Friends, we can play this game with our friends also. The game is played online and in this game we can play four friends, two friends and also ourselves alone

If we are friends then we have our friend in whom we send the request and if that friend accepts our request then play with us and if we play that game and shoot one of ours somewhere, then hit friend will save us. Means that he can give us creatures and friends, the best thing about this game is that in this game we can also talk while playing online i.e. if we give two Lets both live together even if they are far away but they can talk likewise friends, this free fire game became so famous

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